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End of the road

I was just working on my lappie on this saturday noon when Boyz II Men's End of The Road came out on Lite FM.

Suddenly I was brought back to 1992 when this song was still a craze (it came out in 1991). I was in a tour bus with other exchange programme students somewhere in KL in between our engagements when the boy I had a crush on took the guide's microphone and started singing this song. Boy I was (quietly) elated! We shared a few special moments after that but we were only 16 then and we had the whole world still to explore. But apparently after the programme, whenever he met girls from my school, he will ask about me and send salam. So every now and then, I will get random salam from some seniors and juniors.

After school, I went to the UK and he went to the US and both had our hearts captured and broken several times in between but with the advancement of technologies, we managed to reconnect and kept in touch until maybe a couple of years ago when he suddenly gone off so…

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