I have been abandoning this blog for more than a year already. Every now and then, ideas popped up but I never got around to sit down to type and publish them. Life has been hectic but a good one, Alhamdulillah.

Aidilfitri this year was celebrated in Ampang. We have been doing this for the past few years and Alhamdulillah, we have made raya rituals of our own. My husband for example, is now the master of lemang. He would make 20-30 of them on every raya eve. I would cook my signature dishes of ayam tomato and masak lodeh but this year, since my sister is away in Hongkong, I cooked beef rendang and sambal goreng jawa too. So, between me and hubs, we are covered and can cook raya dishes for generations to come. The only thing I need to learn now is how to weave ketupat. I have learned how to do it when I was younger (from my late granddad) but totally forgotten the techniques already.

Ayam tomato - my other half''s favourite dish
Beef rendang - usually cook by my sister but
I took over this year 
My first ever sambal goreng Jawa - hubs loved it!
Hubs' homemade lemang
Kuah lodeh - cooked by mom this year
Tak cukup korum this year - Yan had to celebrate raya in Hongkong for a conference

Pun tak cukup korum - angah and wifey out and about
Eid Mubarak, 0-0 ya? :)

We spent 2nd and 3rd raya visiting all aunties and uncles and on the 4th raya, we went to Kuala Pilah to visit Azizi's kampung (Azizi is the husband to Fendy's youngest sister). It was fun!

Kacau dodol
How can you not fall in love with this scenic view of paddy field?
It's a dry season, the river behind the house is pretty low
A nice dip at Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul which is just a 5 mins drive from the house


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