Both of us have been feeling lethargic for the past few weeks now. So today, having nowhere important to go to and nobody to entertain for a change, we decided to catch up with sleep and to finish reading the newspapers (and doozed off while doing that).

After the afternoon nap, I suddenly had the urge to exercise but not wanting to leave the house, I turned to youtube and scouted for zumba videos. I have never tried zumba before but being inspired by Kak Dayang's progress in losing weight through fun dancing, I decided to give a try.

Furthermore, I got involved in the joget zapin performance in the recent pre-grad dinner for our graduating students. Although I was almost 'keras kejung' dancing on the stage, I had fun and thought maybe dancing can be an alternative to stay fit and lose the weight that I have regained again now.

Can't remember who took this photo, most probably one of the students.

Anyway, I found this 2 zumba for beginners videos which I think are easy enough to follow (although I struggled to follow the pace of the second video) and after a couple of repeats of both, I was drenched in sweat, so it was a good start I guess. Just hope I can be consistent in doing this!

Will it be stormy or a calm sea tomorrow, I wonder.


edina monsoon said…
thanks for sharing. I cant dance for nute. but the zumba video looks promising hehe

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