Although there are countless hipster cafes mushrooming around the city these days, Coffee Bean has always remain as my choice of place to lepak for brunch or coffee. Mostly because I have my favourite corner here in CB D'Pulze, very cozy and away from the crowd, where I can do people-watching without people noticing. Secondly because CB carries my favourites, a selection of salmon sandwiches and in December every year, the christmas log.

Sitting here alone now (big boss took the kids to play pool upstairs) gave me abit of time for personal reflection and something sudden crossed my mind. I hope and pray that I will have my memory fully intact till the day I die because be it good or bad, most of my best life experiences are those still strongly encrypted in my brain. No cameras can ever capture them as beautifully or as detailed as my brain could. All I have to do is juust select and play and they will all be replayed clearly in my mind. Wonderful.


Love this song.


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