Starz & Dynamites

Went to watch HKSBP (formerly known as PPM) basketball final between STF & SSP at MABA yesterday. Although we lost, I am glad that I went. The atmosphere at the stadium was reinvigorating to my soul. For that 1 hour or so, I felt young again, cheering loudly with my fellow Srikandis, with nothing else in mind. But I am nursing a sore throat today, ergh.

TF Dynamites with Sir Tim

Speaking of basketball, I would like to also give tribute to our CUCMS Rx basketball team for being the champion in the 10th NPSC 2 months ago. When we first established the first ever female team last year, only 2-3 of them have ever played basketball before, but with consistent training and strong team work, they managed to get silver last year and went on to win gold this year. I am one proud coach :)

Similarly, the male team won silver last year and gold this year too! This is the team that have been playing friendlies with Satum for the past 3 years, even the Satum guys commented that this team has progressed tremendously. 

The night when their dreams came true. Coincidentally, it was on the same court that I used to play many years ago.


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